Meet Anat Kluger

Hi, I am a longtime resident of Zichron Yaacov, married with three lovely children who were raised and educated in our beautiful Moshava. As a resident, I know Zichron Ya’akov inside and out, its neighborhoods, its high quality of life, its inhabitants, its cultural life, its education and trade, and, of course, its real estate assets. My integrity and trust are the cornerstones of the service I give. I see myself as a matchmaker between the man/woman and their house and believe in the connec tion between them. I studied law at Tel Aviv University, and for many years I worked as an attorney. I have also written many books as a ghostwriter, documenting the history and roots of interesting people. I post properties on Yad 2, Facebook, Madlan, and more See less See more
Languages: Hebrew and English


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